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[STREAM]Project Runway US Season 11 Episode 15 Online Free

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Genre: Reality-TV, Fashion/Make-up
Episode Name: Reunion
Air date: 5/2/2013
Summary: Guys, did you know that Project Runway is on tonight? Yeah, I know. I almost forgot too. The 10th season premiere was last Thursday night on Lifetime. Yeah, I didn't catch it either. And, for the first time ever, I'm not going to watch this season. What the hell happened to Project Runway?


Let's preface this by saying that I used to be a huge fan of the show. I wrote a glowing review of the first episode ever (back when no one was watching) for the newspaper where I worked at the time. I spread the word of my favorite new reality show like I was Tom Cruise selling Scientology. There was something about the characters on the show, the novelty of seeing them make outstanding things in no time at all with no money, and watching very skilled and talented people do something that I could never imagine myself doing. After getting myself and my friends hooked, we threw parties, talked about the show at great length (perhaps too great), and I even sent detailed emails to close friends on Friday mornings breaking down how I felt about each episode.

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